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Alex Vella

Alex Vella

Alex Vella is a Regulatory and Risk Management consultant. An economist that academically specialised in financial economics and asset pricing. Started the career focusing mostly on academia and applied macroeconomics followed by a fast-paced ascent into the Investment sector, holding several positions in Trading, Portfolio Management, Investment Committee and Risk Management Positions. In later years veered to Senior Managerial roles, especially in Compliance and Risk Management Mentoring, besides taking positions around Risk Manager Oversight and Independent Directorships to reputable regulated entities. Currently focusing on giving back through re-found enthusiasm in sustainable economics and ESG, incorporating the combined experiences gathered by Investment and Risk Management Analysis in forming and being active in the new way of doing business. 

Current Position – Risk Management Consultant, Self Employed - www.vellalex.com

Alex will be facilitating the workshop, 'Mapping out the Impact Sector in Malta', with Melanie Vella.