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Barbara Cassar Torregiani

Barbara Cassar Torregiani

Prior the Animal Welfare, my interest was in the body- care business. I owned and ran my salons for 16 years which I enjoyed immensely. After having my third daughter, I retired from that business and found myself doing various charitable work which I also found very fulfilling. Animals have always been precious to me so when I had some experience with needing the authorities in this area, helping seemed the natural thing to do. My involvement came about through my wish to see animals being treated with the dignity that they deserve.

Over the years, Animal Welfare in Malta has seen big changes. Over the last twenty five years, I have been very much involved in the evolutionary changes that have come about in this sector and the challenges today, although different by nature, have grown exponentially .

I was instrumental in ending Euthanasia through the MSPCA, bringing about compulsory microchipping and in obtaining overseas funding for a Nationwide Neutering and Educational Campaign but challenges for funding grow by the day as we become more professional in our policies and meet today’s socially acceptable needs.