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Dr Joanna Delia

Dr Joanna Delia

Dr Joanna Delia is an advocate for all things beautiful. Her specialisation in Aesthetic Medicine following her graduation as a medical doctor was a natural progression. Today she is the owner and primary aesthetic physician at People&Skin,overseeing every aspect of the business from keeping up to date with the latest developments in the industry standard, marketing efforts, human resources and financials.

Skills developed from managing this business go beyond the walls of the clinic. Joanna is a supporter of local artists and musicians, both up and coming and established. She works tirelessly in the promotion of local artists and sponsors numerous exhibitions, classical music events and fashion events among others, through People&Skin.

Joanna’s quest for gender equality goes beyond her efforts at the clinic. She is a vocal women’s rights activist, relentless in her mission towards normalising equality between genders through empowerment, vocalisation and validation. These values,alongside scientific professionalism are the foundations on which the business is built.

Joanna is also an advocate of local architecture, with a passion for properties in Valletta. From an early age she saw the potential in renovating properties in the city with seven properties under her belt to date, one of which she calls home.

 Joanna will be leading the Themed Discussion around Art and Culture.