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Muriel Arts

Muriel Arts

Muriel Arts, CEO and Founder impacting.today

Muriel Arts is a senior partner and CEO of IMPACTING.today. A consulting and management firm, specializing in sustainability for agri-food-horticulture business & brands. She is a specialist and thought leader in sustainability strategies, double materiality, footprint and impact measurement, commercialization, large impact change journeys and operational management.

With over 20 years in international executive roles in marketing, sales, strategy, innovation, and sustainability at amongst others Unilever Royal Grolsch, KPN Telecom and Achmea Insurance, she knows inside out how boards,business, and brands work to support them effectively. In 2009 she switched her professional focus to sustainability to become a consultant and interim executive in this field. She loves working with both medium sized and larger -family-businesses and private investors in the agri-food-horticulture business. She inspires and supports them to make impact for business, customers, planet &society simultaneously. An impact approach called the Triple Win©.

Muriel graduated from the University of Utrecht as a Doctor of Dental Medicine in 1988. After three years working as a dentist, - being lonely and bored - she switched to the exciting business world, starting her career at Unilever. She worked in several countries around the globe in foods, personal-and home care. In the sales, marketing, branding, innovation, market research and communications. A turning point in her career was when in 2007 she became the CMO & Sustainability officer at KPN Telecom, where she co-developed the sustainability strategy and co-lead the execution with a cross functional team and multiple stakeholders. This was also turning point for the company and a profound transition towards a multi stakeholder strategy, partnership led innovation, new sustainable business models and creating a Triple Win. Performance through a shared purpose with Triple Impact was born. KPN became the number one telecom company in de Down Jones Sustainability Index. Employee, brand, and customer engagement scores soared to all-time highs.


Besides her executive roles she was 5 years the Chair of the Dutch Marketing Institute and helped shape its purpose towards sustainability, multi stakeholder strategy and the possibilities of the digital age.  She was also a senior sustainability, leadership and impact researcher at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM),Erasmus University. A sustainability led business school with a top tier position in the FT-ranking. From 2019-2020 she worked with Paul Polman, former Unilever CEO, at his for-benefit corporation and foundation, IMAGINE. And since last year she loves being the sidekick of Harm Edens in the Dutch Radio show BNR Duurzaam -sustainability-. She co-authored several articles on sustainable value creation. And has led Triple Win leadership journeys to Bhutan and the Alps to inspire executives to change towards Triple Win and net positive companies.

Muriel is 58, lives in Arnhem, a beautiful area with lots of nature, in the east of the Netherlands.  She has two sons aged 23and 21. She loves reading, writing, adventurous travels, movies, golf, mountain biking and skiing. And without lots of socializing and having fun with friends and family live would be less great!


Muriel will be leading the Triple Win Approach workshop.

The approach developed in collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management(RSM), Erasmus University. Based on 10 years of international practical research with 20 companies, 50 leaders, 10 brands, and 7 game changers. The insights resulted in 4 scientific articles and our unique and proven Triple Win Approach©.

An approach that makes sustainable business the existence, growth and innovation model of the future. For sustainable companies, courageous game changers and meaningful brands.