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March 28, 2023
March 28, 2023

Workshop facilitated by Jessica Rees-Jones

Let’s take look at what works in the complex arena of grant-making – and what doesn’t work as well.

We will discuss some case studies to better understand by example of what to do and perhaps - what not to do as well. Then follow through from the selection criteria and process through the management of the grant and relationships. A few examples of what went wrong and why but also what went right and why.

There are a few stages in grant-making to explore and Jessica will showcase the key steps. One is the vision and mission of the grant-maker with the organisation so that impact is relevant and real. This frames the RFP process and gives clarity to the next stage of assessing and choosing from the proposals. Questions like - which ones to pick – and which to reject. This maps back to the first stage. Then we will look at the maintenance of the relationships – keeping it all on track and aligned. Reporting is key – but reporting what and to whom? And in what format.  Then finally is the exit – is there an exit strategy designed and agreed for the outset and is there a need or possibility for repeated grants?

All of these are part of finding the right fit for your organisation  - whether as a grant-maker or a grant-seeker, as a family foundation as well as a Corporate Social Initiative programme. This is relevant and useful for all stakeholders.

Join Jessica as she share over twenty years of lessons learned in the Philanthropy arena and offer insights from global perspective with some key lessons learned from South Africa.