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November 5, 2023 8:00 AM
November 5, 2023
Inspire, Marsascala
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Join the run in aid of Inspire on November 5th!

Janatha’s Challenge4Change, a 5km Run or Walk, and a 1km Fun run for all the Inspire Community, family, and friends!

Event Details:

Date: 5th November, 2023

Location: Inspire, Marsascala

Time: 8am (start of the 5km run/walk)

         9am (start of the 1km Fun Run)

Registrations here

This event is in honour of none other than Mrs Janatha Stubbs, who has been an essential contributor to Razzett tal-Hbiberija and now, Inspire Foundation since their inception. A particular fundraising event which was at Janatha’s heart was the ‘Marsascala Family walk‘ which she used to organise for families and friends in aid of Inspire. A lovely walk around the promenade of Marsascala and the whereabouts with participants enjoying the walk and the countryside while collecting funds for Inspire.

This year, Inspire wants to keep this tradition in honour of Janatha Stubbs whilst reaching out to more participants. Moreover, amalgamating this event with the Make a Difference campaign, because after all, Janatha is a trailblazer and has made a difference in our community throughout her life. Likewise, participating in Janatha’s 5KM Challenge for Change and donating gives an opportunity to everyone to make a difference.

This event is for everyone!  Families, friends, corporate representatives who can use this event as a team building activity, and anyone who would like to make a difference; in their lives and others.

From 8am onwards

  • 5km Run/ Walk (starts 8am)  – 15 Euros
  • 1km Fun Run (starts 9am)     –   5 Euros

Registrations are online through this link

More information and updates can be found on the Facebook event.