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The Academy of Givers has developed a Giving Report to map out the Giving Sector, highlighting trends in philanthropy on both the side of businesses and of Voluntary Organisations, to see what can be improved in the future.

A first of its kind on the island, this report aims to get an overview of the giving activity in the private sector: who gives funds and support, to whom, and the reasons why. By having this data in hand, we will be able to work towards improving the sector.

Having data on the current situation helps to raise awareness on the gaps and challenges that NGOs face when dealing with fundraising and support needed, as well as on the role businesses have in supporting the work of NGOs. This information will allow us to come together and work on creating an equal playing field for NGOs in Malta. Ultimately, NGOs will benefit from this study if the way we give is improved.

By highlighting where funds go, how businesses give and the challenges NGOs face, givers of all types will be more aware of the impact of their giving. The report also focuses on recommendations on how we should be giving in Malta, moving beyond just financial support, and seeing how best to share resources and expertise to have a positive impact and improve the social and environmental situation of Malta. It will promote efficiency and a foundation to develop the sector and create long-term impact.

This Giving Report also allows us to work towards improving partnerships between businesses and NGOs, guiding them on how best to work together for positive impact. In this report, we look at CSR, philanthropy and giving as any form of support – both financial and non-financial – given to NGOs (locally registered Voluntary Organisations), or to social/environmental initiatives, to achieve their mission.

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Have a look at the snippets here.

This initiative is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund. The initiative is implemented by Academy of Givers.