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October 31, 2023 8:30 AM
October 31, 2023
Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, St Venera
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“On Our Journey” cards is an accompaniment to live a happy life, helping us to make healthy choices, validate our values/principles. Join the series of workshop organised by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ!

This initiative is being organised in collaboration Aġenzija Żgħażagħ who are kindly sponsoring the program for youths including the training courses listed below. The training course will take place over three workshops of four hours each. The workshops will be spread over a number of weeks giving the individual time to practice using the cards with others.

The cards can be used in any stage of life. The content and the image of each card is meticulously designed to help the user reflect, analyse, and critically evaluate their entire life including their identity, behaviour

The Illustrations of the cards and the different phases are meant to facilitate the externalization of experiences on external images with the hope that the individual experiences new and deeper insights.

Dates of Course Consisting of 3 sessions – Ref JC/5:

  • Session 1 – 31st October 2023
  • Session 2 – 21st November 2023
  • Session 3 – 5th December 2023

Time 8.30am to 12.30pm

Venue: Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, St Venera

Cost of Course:

The course has been sponsored by Aġenzija Żgħażagħ, so there is no cost to attend provided that the participant attend the 3 sessions and completes the course work. Participants will be given a resource kit which incudes the ‘On Our Journey’ enabling them to training and share the initiative with others.

Participants will receive an accreditation provided they attend the three workshops and complete the course work as described below.

Target Audience: This training course is open to people who would be prepared to share the initiative with others

Selection Process If you are interested in participating in these workshops you are kindly invited to submit an application as per the guidelines.

Kindly send your application as early as possible as seats are limited to 16 persons.

The school/organisation will be duly informed once the application has been processed and accepted.

Course Outline

Workshop 1:  An Introduction to the Project,  Values & walkthrough with the Cards.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To recognise where do we get our Values from
  • To recognise why values are important?
  • To discuss how we build values that will lead us to live a happy life
  • To discuss values, emotions and behaviours in a framework
  • To learn the process map of ‘‘On Our Journey”’
  • To learn how to work with choices & outcomes
  • To explore how to use the different stages of the ‘‘On Our Journey”’

Workshop 2: Storytelling & Reflection to enhance the use of the ‘‘On Our Journey”’.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To share experiences & give feedback
  • To learn how to use storytelling to create situations for discussion
  • To learn how to reflect and learn from our experiences
  • To recognise our behaviour patterns and learn how to remodel our behaviour
  • To develop activities to apply different techniques in various situations

Workshop 3: Spirituality and its impact on Mental health with the use of the ‘‘On Our Journey”.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To share experiences & give feedback
  • To recognize how spirituality can help us connect to ourselves and others
  • To discuss how spirituality can impact our mental health
  • To discuss how ‘Outcome Focused’ approaches can change people’s lives
  • To discuss good practices concerning the use of the ‘‘On Our Journey”’ in various contexts

Course work

Participants will receive a certificate provided they attend all the sessions and submit the following:

  • Fill in the Reflective Diary (template to be provided)
  • Upload the 3 activities (including photos or clips where possible) on the resource centre, and the closed Facebook page as evidence of the actual sessions that have been carried out (template to be provided)
  • Create a work plan with objectives, learning outcomes, and activities using the ‘On Our Journey”.
  • Participants are encouraged to work in teams or ask colleagues to give feedback.

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