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January 28, 2023 10:00 AM
January 28, 2023
Bureau Iniala, Valletta
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The impact of selective listening on critical thinking

Join January's SMITE Story Cafe with African Media Association Malta and NWAMI International Malta,  hosted by Academy of Givers and supported by SOS Malta and Citizens Lab - Malta on Saturday 28 January at 10am at Bureau Iniala, Valletta.

Key to the discussion will be how our pre-held ideas and beliefs affect what information we choose to hear and the knock on effect this has on our ability to think critically. Starting at 10am and running for approximately two hours, the meeting, which is open to interested members of the public, will aim to challenge those present to reconsider how their own ability to think critically is hampered by selective listening and to learn more about elements of critical thinking and the way we listen.

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