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July 6, 2023 8:30 AM
July 6, 2023 11:00 AM
July 6, 2023
July 6, 2023
The Malta Chamber, Valletta
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Organised by
Government of Malta

On July 6th, learn more about the ESG landscape with a special focus on the incentives, schemes and grants that are available to assist organisations!

As a growing number of businesses and investors focus on ESG, the role of business is evolving to incorporate sustainability matters within an organisation’s strategy, operations and reporting.

This session will provide insight into the ESG landscape with a special focus on the incentives, schemes and grants that are available to assist organisations in implementing and funding the necessary changes that are driven by ESG pressures.

Focus will also be placed on the practical actions that need to be taken by organisations as they move towards becoming ESG-oriented and, as a result, being eligible to avail of such incentives.

Specific topics to be covered during the session

The event will cover:

  • A high-level overview of the current ESG regulatory landscape
  • An overview of salient grants and funding schemes available to incentivise businesses to invest in decarbonisation and sustainability initiatives
  • An overview of salient levers of action for a business to decarbonise its activities
  • An overview of practical next steps

Why is the session relevant to participants?

As the pressure for action on various sustainability matters mounts, the business community and its professionals need to become familiar with the ESG context and increase their skills and knowledge on the topic.

This session will help business leaders obtain an understanding of meaningful actions they can take to decarbonise their business and what incentive schemes may be available to support them in doing so.

What will participants gain by attending this session?

After attending the session you will:

  • understand the ESG landscape and key sustainability terminology
  • understand ESG implications on the current business environment
  • understand the current incentive landscape and what funds can be availed of
  • understand next steps to avail of incentives and the practicalities required to achieve decarbonisation targets

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