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NGO Pitch Fest

Five Voluntary Organisations will pitch their initiatives for support from the business community during the For Impact Event and Fair. Find out more about their initiatives and reach out to support them!

Pitch 1 - Victory Kitchen Foundation

Nirbħu il-ġuħ

Victory Kitchen has as its mission the preparation of fresh warm meals which are cooked in house and delivered directly to the doorstep of the persons in need on a weekly basis. Social Workers, NGOs, Local Parishes and other entities who would have first contact with persons seeking help would reach out to Victory Kitchen for assistance in the provision of meals. Victory Kitchen has an in-house team that handle the preparation and delivery of the food who are 100% dedicated to the day to day of Victory Kitchen. The goal is to aim to provide at least 2,300 meals per week which would come to 120,000 per year between direct deliveries to families as well as increasing support to NGOs whereby Victory Kitchen will supply meals as required to remove the burden of meal costs on NGOs.

Pitch 2 - JA Malta

Empower tomorrow

We look forward to the opportunity to introduce "Future Founders," a revolutionary mixed media magazine designed specifically for teens to inspire interest in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. In a world where financial education is often overlooked in traditional schooling, "Future Founders" steps in to fill this critical gap, empowering the next generation to take charge of their financial futures and entrepreneurial dreams.

Pitch 3 - Dar Hosea

Giving back women their dignity

We believe there is a need to raise awareness on the issues women experience, to help inform the general public of the harsh realities that the women encounter on a day-to-day basis. The aim of the funding is rooted in amplifying their faint voices, delivering their message to a wider audience, that is the general public and policy makers. We seek to communicate a message that reflects the true realities of women in prostitution.

Pitch 4 - Mission of Love

College Fund for Ati Tribe

Mission of Love are seeking individuals or companies to sponsor students from the indigenous Ati tribe of Boracay in The Philippines who have a dream to further their education in hope of a brighter future. Our goal is to transform their lives by helping them out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.

Pitch 5 - ACT

Act Local Think Global

Native trees and shrubs have unique genetic attributes and are limited only to these islands. Local trees have adapted to Malta’s soil, fungi, and climate, thus are more resolute and sustainable. ACT aims to catalyse a proactive ecological rehabilitation movement - engaging in local inclusive initiatives and bringing together national and international public, private, and social communities who share the ambition to implement social-ecological resilience mechanisms.