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NGO Pitch Fest

Seven Voluntary Organisations pitched their initiatives for support from the business community during the For Impact Event and Fair. Find out more about their initiatives and reach out to them to support!

Pitch 1 - Inspire Foundation


Inspire Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which offers educational, therapeutic and leisure services to individuals with disabilities and their families. Its mission is to promote inclusion, equality, and our mission is to help everyone with a disability achieve this. PATHFINDER will be one such initiative that connects individuals to essential resources, information, and support networks. By providing a visible gateway to effective services, PATHFINDER will help overcome barriers and improve the quality of life of persons with a disability of all ages, and their families. Contact:

Pitch 2 - St Jeanne Antide Foundation

SOAR: The Hub

SOAR represents a decade of service to the great courage of female survivors of domestic violence and their determination to overcome major obstacles in the system. Our dream: The Hub will serve as the national base for SOAR services. The acquired townhouse will be a survivor-run, physical safe space offering the much-required infrastructure and information relating to all services, provided for domestic violence survivors and their children. It will house offices that provide SOAR support services, two small social enterprises, and a location for several SOAR survivor-led creative and therapeutic projects to enhance survivors' social, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Pitch 3 - Malta Paralympic Committee


I'mPOSSIBLE is Malta Paralympic Committee's flagship educational programme. Now in its second year running, I'mPOSSIBLE aims to challenge and change the perceptions of how young people perceive individuals with an impairment. I'mPOSSIBLE aspires to empower students to equip themselves to achieve the seemingly impossible through the Paralympic values of courage, determination, inspiration and equality. This aspiration is achieved through the combination of in-classroom lessons, inclusive P.E. lessons and other fun and educational activities through which students engage with Para sport and Para athletes. Through this programme, MPC is driving a culture shift for our upcoming generations, with the ambition of shaping a more inclusive society.

Pitch 4 - Karl Vella Foundation

Because You Matter, Because We Care

Karl Vella Foundation offers 2 main services: ‘The Wellness Pod’ which consists of a diverse range of therapeutic programmes facilitated by mental health professionals for children aged between 5 and 17, disrupted by loss or illness in the family; and the newly launched service ‘Because You Matter, Because We Care’. This service offers emotional and psychological support, as well as crisis intervention, to Maltese patients, and their carers, receiving treatment abroad. The pitch will be about this new innovative service.

Pitch 5 - Fondazzjoni Sebh

Every Little Helps

Through its homes, Fondazzjoni Sebħ provides residential services to 41 children and to 12 families of female survivors of violence and their children. Fondazzjoni Sebħ strives to nurture an environment for growth, recovery and fulfilment by ensuring that the women and children receive holistic support to heal from their traumas. However, time does not pause for the healing of trauma. Every Little Helps supports the notion that by donating a little bit of money, time, products or services, everyone can support these women and children to get access to the right opportunities whilst on their journey to recovery.

Pitch 6 - Friends of the Earth Malta

Restoration of the old bakery in Comino

Help us turn il-Forn ta’ Kemmuna (Comino’s Old bakery) into a hub of sustainability! Back in the 90s, our director Martin stumbled upon an old bakery in Comino. He dreamt up a vision to one day turn it into an interpretation centre for the island, creating room for education about sustainability and a not-for-profit space for workshops, overnight stays and retreats with a functioning oven again! Fast forward 30-odd years and the island is begging for a hub of sustainability which complements its natural beauty, its cultural heritage and educates the general public about why it’s worthy of protection. In its final form, the bakery will become an environmental utopia which is completely self-sustaining, but we need to start with the basics, such as installing essential facilities, electricity and a bathroom.

Pitch 7 - Dance Beyond Borders

Refugee Week Malta

Dance Beyond Borders Foundation believes in the power of the arts for social change; it connects people from diverse backgrounds to create a more integrated community. One of the ways it does this is through Refugee Week Malta; the local edition of the international festival that celebrates the creativity, contributions and resilience of people seeking refuge. Through education, artistic, and community events, it encourages people to put compassion into action by interacting with individuals beyond labels. This festival nurtures a culture of care and represents a Movement of Welcome of a more united community amongst all people living in Malta.