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For impact workshops

To be held between 12:50 and 13:50.

Choose from one of the below workshops.

Tangible tools to develop a purpose-driven business

Join Will Gardner, Co-Founder Motive and Mandy Calleja, GO p.l.c at this hands on workshop focusing on developing purpose-driven business to better understand the connection between profit and purpose.

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The triple win approach

Join Muriel Arts, CEO and Founder, to focus on the Triple Win Approach; an approach that makes sustainable business the existence, growth and innovation model of the future.

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Mapping out the impact sector in Malta

Join an interactive workshop that will map out the impact sector in Malta. Melanie and Alex Vella will lead this workshop to give participants a better understanding of who's who and what's what in the sector.

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Giving effectively - how to choose the right fit?

This workshop will give you insight and a better understanding of giving effectively. Focusing on 'fit for purpose' giving and learning what is a good cause and organisation for your giving? Session is ideal for companies and social purpose orgs too.

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Understanding different impact entities - with a focus on SE

Join Dr Roberta Lepre to discuss different entities for social change with a focus on Social Enterprises and what it means to be a SE in Malta.

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