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Oct 12, 2022
Academy of Givers

On the 27th June the first Committee and Members meetings were held; a great start to what we hope will be Malta’s national platform for Givers. Read more about the Academy's next steps.

We are excited to announce the Committee Members who will lead the direction and develop the Academy.

·        Mark Weingard – Inspirasia Foundation

·        Sarah Carbonaro – Gasan Foundation

·        Nathan Farrugia – Vistage Malta

·        Dr Sabine Cabourdin -FIDEM Foundation

·        Mandy Calleja – GO p.l.c

·        Steve Cassar – FoundunFound

·        Julian Dingli – CORE Malta

·        Dr Roberta Lepre – Weave Consultancy

·        Claudia Taylor East – SOS Malta

The Academy brings together Givers to learn, share, inspire and recognise. Givers are individuals or companies that drive social change, create positive social impact and change lives, through the work they do, the way they operate and the support they give. The aim of the Academy is to improve Corporate Responsibility and Philanthropic efforts for its members and for Malta.

The next steps for the Academy include:

- Membership drive

- Creating a Giving Report for Malta

- Providing resources and practical tools to help members on their sustainability and giving journey

- Connect Voluntary Organisations (VOs) to companies and philanthropists

- Identify the gaps and challenges within the sector and help improve things

- Work with Voluntary Organisations to understand their challenges and help build their capacity

- Work with and support companies and individuals on their giving journey

2023 will show more members meet-ups and two large events. An inspirational conference filled with interesting talks, workshops, an Impact Fair and networking opportunities will be held in the second quarter of the year, while an Academy Awards Ceremony will be held at the end of the year to recognise those doing good.

The Academy members are made up of a number of large and small businesses, start-ups and individuals. Anyone interested to become a member  can checkout the website: or contact us on

Interested members please fill in the form here:

No business or individual can succeed if the society around them fails. The success of the Academy lies in its members,so we hope you will join us as the first members of the Academy of Givers.

Are you a Voluntary Organisation? – check out this page: contact us on