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Mar 22, 2024
Academy of Givers

The Academy of Givers unveiled the first Giving Report, comprising a comprehensive analysis of philanthropic trends in Malta, during the For Impact Event and Fair held on 12 March.

The findings of the Giving Report were presented by the Chair of the Academy, Nathan Farrugia, as part of the conference programme.  With contributions from 129 businesses and 57 Voluntary Organisations (VOs), the Giving Report includes a detailed examination of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)and donation patterns in Malta with the aim of fostering strategic improvements in corporate giving practices.

Among the key insights,the Giving Report sheds light on a strong inclination among businesses towards giving that aligns closely with their values, fostering long-term, positive community impact. Concurrently, insights into the support received by VOs underscore the necessity for strategic partnerships extending beyond mere one-time financial aid, emphasizing the importance of sustained collaboration for meaningful social change.

The research also highlights a significant gap between the perceived long-term support professed by businesses and the reality experienced by VOs, with many VOs citing a preference for multi-year support to ensure sustainability and growth. The need for a standardised impact measurement and more strategic giving approaches are also underlined as critical for the sector's progression.

Emphasising the significance of sustained contributions and informed engagement, the report outlines actionable strategies aimed at nurturing robust, mutually beneficial partnerships. These alliances are instrumental in fostering a thriving community and a resilient philanthropic sector.

The Giving Report was unveiled to a broad representation of stakeholders attending the For Impact Event and Fair, with participants numbering around 170 professionals, mainly C-level executives; HR, CSR, ESG and Sustainability officers; representatives of corporate and philanthropic foundations; and leaders of Voluntary and Social Purpose Organisations.

The For Impact Event and Fair also featured knowledge-sharing speeches and presentations by leaders in the sector, including a keynote speech by Hedda Pahlson Moller, CEO of, on the Impact Imperative, Policapital and the need for Systemic Change. The topics, which were reflected in the Giving Report, emphasised the need to be more effective in the way support is given and received to create impact.

Attendees were additionally provided with the chance to network during the fair segment of the event, featuring multiple stands, and creating an inclusive environment for all to connect and deepen their understanding of social and environmental issues in Malta.

The Giving Report that was presented on the day is a collaborative endeavour involving the Academy of Givers team and Firstbridge Services Limited, and it thoroughly examines corporate philanthropy practices in Malta. Firstbridge Services Ltd's valuable assistance in analysing data and identifying key insights has greatly influenced the report's conclusions.

The Giving Report is funded is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund.

To access the full Giving Report, click here.

The Academy of Givers extends its heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors of the For Impact Event and Fair, including Inspirasia Foundation, Gasan Foundation, APS Bank, Iniala Harbour House, Hudson Foundation, Belair Property, Eden Leisure Group, Ministry for Inclusion and the Voluntary Sector and Vistage Malta.

The Academy of Givers also thanks all the partners of the Giving Report initiative: EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund, FoundunFound, Firstbridge, Frivillighet Norge, CORE Platform, Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, Office for the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations, GO and Vistage Malta.