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Apr 19, 2024

“Foodwise Families” the new children-parent initiative by NWAMI International supported by APS Bank Malta.

NWAMI International has launched “Foodwise Families”, a new children-parent initiative supported by APS Bank Malta. This unique project is designed to foster multicultural harmony and environmental consciousness through the delightful realm of zero waste cooking. Embracing diversity and sustainability, Foodwise Families aims to bring together communities, young minds, and families from various backgrounds for an enriching experience.

Five are the aims of the project:

  • Community Cohesion And Cultural Exchange
  • Environmental Stewardship and sustainable practices
  • Fostering a healthy lifestyle and empowerment, of people and of the community
  • Resource conservation and food waste reduction
  • Economic saving

The Foodwise Families initiative spans over 6 months and incorporates various engaging activities. View all activities here.

Targeting schools and the public, the educational campaign that is part of the project aims to raise awareness about the critical issue of food waste and the positive impact of zero waste cooking.

Four captivating parent and children cooking workshops will bring families together to explore and celebrate diverse cuisines while promoting zero waste practices. The project culminates in the creation of a cookbook specially crafted for children, featuring delightful recipes that emphasize zero waste cooking principles.

NWAMI extends its invitation for all to join this Culinary and Environmental Journey.

Everyone interested in attending the children & parent zero waste cooking classes starting in May can register your interest here and you'll be contacted with detailed information in due course.