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May 26, 2023

Support MOAS humanitarian missions around the world and learn more about migration through Regina Catrambone's book "Collecting the sea with a teaspoon"

"Collecting the sea with a teaspoon" (Raccogliere il mare con un cucchiaino), written by MOAS Co-founder and Director Regina Egle Liotta Catrambone, is a book that offers a unique perspective on the migratory phenomenon. Regina shares her personal experiences and reflections, giving a voice to the migrants she has encountered and highlighting their challenges and struggles on their journeys.

The book emphasises the urgent need for compassion and action in addressing migration globally, making it a powerful testament to the importance of solidarity, and the need for the implementation of #SafeAndLegalRoutes.

"I have decided to write this book" - said Regina - "to stimulate a constructive dialogue that can shed light on the migration phenomenon and overcome the fears that often surround it. The stories and reflections I discuss in the book are strictly connected to the events of my own family, which has chosen to use its talents and resources to help others. We do not act as individuals, but each of us brings our own baggage of experiences and skills to achieve the common goal of pursuing what I call the globalisation of solidarity. I hope this book serves to reactivate constructive dialogue within families, schools, and universities on acceptance and sharing"

The book (in Italian language) is available online and at the MOAS office, 54 Melita Street, Valletta.

You can also purchase it on Amazon here