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Jul 10, 2023

Eden Leisure Group' s staff voulnteered their time in aid of Inspire Foundation.

At the beginning of July, fourteen staff members from Eden Leisure Group devolved a few hours of their working week to support Inspire Foundation.

During their time at Inspire’s facility in Marsascala, Eden Leisure staff helped with the clearing up of weed and grass, working hard in the summer heat to clear up the back area of the Inspire premises and ensuring that it was clean and safe for Inspire’s service users.

After some hours of hard work, they were very interested in widening their knowledge about Inspire and were given a tour of the premises and specialised areas. They learned all about the services the Foundation provides to persons with a disability, and the impact these services have on the learners and their families. 

Feedback from the volunteers was extremely positive; one of them commented how “community outreach is one of our sustainability pillars at Eden Leisure Group”, pointing out how they “actively seek out opportunities to use our resources to help where we can, be it financially, through volunteering or offering our facilities to those in need. We believe it is our responsibility to engagewith and contribute to the community and we know that our employees also feel a great sense of satisfaction that they are able to make a difference.”

“Inspire do inspiration work for the community, which is why we are happy to give them our support. This is not the first project we’ve embarked on with Inspire and it certainly won’t be the last.” – said Kate De Cesare, Chief Operations Officer at Eden Leisure Group –  “They have been proactive in finding opportunities where Eden Leisure could help and made efforts to understand our core competencies and the resources we have available, which we could use to offer them assistance.”

Positive comments were also directed towards the volunteers themselves. Thanks to them, Inspire is able to carry out its activities at full force.

“Eden Leisure Group has proven to be an invaluable partner through their remarkable Corporate Social Responsibilityinitiatives. Recently, their dedication and support were evident when they extended a helping hand at Inspire’s Marsascala establishment. The group generously undertook maintenance work, ensuring our facility's upkeep and enhancing the overall experience for our clients. Their selfless contribution not only showcased their commitment to social responsibility but also exemplified their genuine care for the disability community and their families. We are immensely grateful to Eden Leisure Group for their impactful CSR efforts, which undoubtedly make a significant difference in the success and sustainability of our establishment.” –  commented AylaDingli, Brands and Communication Manager at Inspire. 

Collaborations like this one are an ideal opportunity for members of the community to understand more deeply what Inspire Foundation is all about, and how it strives daily to empower persons with a disability to take their rightful place in society. At the same time, the tasks performed by the team from Eden Leisure Group are very important to help embellish the surroundings where Inspire’s services are provided on a daily basis.

A Foundation such as Inspire has limited resources for such tasks, and this type of support and helping hand from such an altruistic group of people is important to ensure that their facilities are maintained to provide the best service possible to our service users with a disability.

Inspire wishes to thank Eden Leisure Group for their collective efforts and invites all companies to follow their paths and contribute to make their mission possible.

If you or your company are interested in CSR activities and are looking for a cause to support, please contact Claire Galea directly at