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Jun 27, 2023
Academy of Givers

As part of Eden Leisure Group’s efforts to give back to society, over the past month they’ve supported a number of non-governmental organisations in various ways!

Eden employees volunteer during a fundraiser

On the 11th of June2023, TDM 2000 Malta and RMJ’s Horse Rescue held an Open Day at RMJ whereby a fun-filled day was organised comprising of an array of activities such as horse and pony rides and feeding, grooming and showering of horses, games, face painting, food and drink stalls and more. This fundraiser was part of TDM 2000Malta’s animal welfare campaign titled Why tolerate, when we can advocate?

On the day Eden Leisure Group employees volunteered their time and aided the organisations during their event, helping them in the running of activities and stalls. Overall, close to €3,000 was raised with all proceeds going to RMJ, with these funds helping rehome nine horses.

“It was a pleasure having the Eden team with us on the day. Their enthusiasm to help really made the event and their support throughout was really appreciated!” – TDM 2000Malta
“Having the chance to get hands on with their care again has awakened my passion and respect for these amazing and emotional creatures, I have again gained confidence. A big thank you to the RMJ team for having me and giving me such an opportunity... I will completely recommend this to my friends and family.” – Francis Brincat, Eden Leisure Group
“I really enjoyed volunteering at RJM. I feel being around animals is great therapy, it just cheers you up even if you feel down. It was a lovely day. One I hope to repeat again. RMJ if you ever want another volunteer, I'd be happy to help again.” – Giovanna Goodinson, Eden Leisure Group
Images of Eden employees volunteering during the RMJ Open Day

Donation of a Golf Cart

In addition to aiding TDM and RMJ, Eden also donated a large golf cart to Zibel. Originally used to transport hotel guests, this golf cart will not be used to help Zibel in the great work that they do!

Donation of linen

They also donated over 300 bath towels, 500 handtowels and 300 bathmats to Association of Abandoned Animals & Claws Cat Adoption

Free advertising on their cinema screens

Nature Trust, MOAS, and CSR Malta were given the opportunity to advertise their organisation and initiatives on Eden’s cinema screens for one whole month.

Provision of maintenance work

In contact with St Jeanne Antide Foundation, Eden provided maintenance work for a young mother of 6

In addition to the above, Eden also provided their staff with an organ donation seminar as well as printed CSR T-shirts for them to wear when carrying out CSR activities.

A big thank you goes to Eden Leisure Group and all their employees for their contributions towards the voluntary sector!

If you’re supporting the voluntary sector in one way or another, let us know by contacting us on

If you’re an NGO looking for further support, click here.