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Sep 21, 2022
Academy of Givers

Academy of Givers held a For Impact event in June 2022 bringing together companies, philanthropists, changemakers and VOs. Read an update on the event and feedback from those that attended.

On the 27th June, 2022, the Academy of Givers organised an inspirational event at the Westin Dragonara Resort, St Julian’s, bridging the gap between the companies, philanthropists and the social sector. During this, businesses, philanthropists and individuals that want to do good were brought together with changemakers and organisations with societal and environmental initiatives that are making an impact in Malta.

The event included a conference with thought-provoking discussions on purpose, philanthropy and corporate responsibility by local and international experts in the field, as well as an Impact Fair, which saw over 40 voluntary organisations, social initiatives and service providers showcasing their work. The aim was to create dialogue around giving that paves the way for action and change, while also encouraging social purpose organisations to build connections with one another and with the business community present for the conference.

“A refreshing, proactive, and inspiring event. Thank you, Academy of Givers for being the first to provide Malta with a platform for us ALL to engage with the concept of ‘giving well’ and how as a collective ambition, we can bring positive social change”– Attendee of the For Impact event on Monday 27th June.

The event also marked the official launch of the Academy of Givers, which aims to create a community of likeminded people to improve philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts, by providing a platform for individuals and businesses to come together to learn, share and be inspired, while recognising those that are doing good and encouraging collaboration for more impact.

“There is a lot of interest in Malta to learn and do more. I believe that there is a huge impact potential if the ecosystem continues to grow and gets closely connected, as the size of the country provides ideal conditions to build partnerships and test solutions”. – Attendee of the For Impact event on Monday 27th June

The event allowed the Academy to understand the needs of different stakeholders and how to continue to bridge the gap between companies, philanthropists and the social sector. A conference and impact fair will be held annually with the aim to connect, enable and be a catalyst for social change while providing workshops and knowledge on how to have more impact.

“Locally, most philanthropic foundation-initiated change is fragmented, duplicated, and geared towards immediate PR. With the resources at hand more good can be done with discussion and collaboration as the take off point”. – Attendee of the For Impact event on Monday 27th June

Some feedback following the event, to pave the way for future events:

“We absolutely gained knowledge of new organisations with whom we've not had interaction with in the past. We've planned to collaborate on activities and events and this mutual support in the charitable sector is invaluable”.

“The diverse backgrounds of participants (NGOs, social enterprises, service providers, funders, etc.). The topics were all connected, but still distinct enough to add new value. This allowed for a nice flow and good content”.

“It brought philanthropic foundation administrators, SME owners thinking about or doing their best to have good CSR and ESG practices and NGO administrators together, and reinforced the importance of advocating for, and enacting change at these levels”. 

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