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Nov 7, 2022
Academy of Givers

The second Member's Meeting was held on the 18th of October where the topic of different types of ‘Giving’ was discussed, with the sharing of best practices and practical tools.

The 18the of October saw the Academy’s second Member’s Meeting, where the topic of different types of ‘Giving’ was discussed, with the sharing of best practices and practical tools. The value of these meetings is the time spent learning from different members and those in the room. It provides a space for everyone to share their approaches, challenges, and suggestions. It’s a safe and open space which allows members to work towards creating more impact and being more effective with their giving.

When we discuss giving, there are many types and ways of approaching it, but many understand it as financial contributions which might be considered the most common forms of giving. The reality is that we need to be looking at how we can give effectively to ensure long-term change and impact and ensuring that our giving really makes a difference and isn’t just a nice thing to do. How can expertise, resources and time contribute to this? How are we making money as a company / entity and how can we align this with how we give back and make a positive impact? It’s about understanding where you are as a business, what you can do to bring about a positive change and aligning it and making it part of your company. How can we make it part of our DNA and how can we do more?

During the meeting, the following question was also posed: What are you already doing as an individual/company, both internally and externally, in relation to giving? Externally, some mentioned how they try to create more partnerships with like-minded companies to try and help each other where they can. Internally, the conversation revolved around the challenges faced with regards to employee engagement. Many mentioned how they wish to see more of their employees ‘help out and give their time’ to the philanthropic initiatives being carried out by their company. Amongst the solutions discussed, some mentioned ways to inspire their employees, understanding their employees and understand why they might not show up on the weekend. How can this be part of the company’s strategy and employee development? It was discussed to involve staff from the start, listening to their ideas, and making them part of the process. Giving them roles, setting up communities, brainstorming with them, enticing them with the satisfaction they will get out of being involved, identify champions or role models; this helps them to involve themselves into the company’s philanthropic and CSR initiatives and becomes more than an extracurricular activity where many don’t find the time to participate, but becomes something they wish to do and enjoy doing.

The Academy defines Philanthropy as the desire to give time and money towards improving society and changing lives. We believe in the importance of giving and giving well.

"Businesses have the power to have real impact in communities and society and make a difference in this ever-changing world." – Academy Philosophy

Philanthropy should go beyond just giving; we should be giving well and strategically. So, if you’re just starting your philanthropic journey, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why are you giving?
  2. What do you want to achieve?
  3. How do you think change will happen?
  4. How will you assess your progress?

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