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Nov 28, 2022
Academy of Givers

Find out how you can support YMCA Malta!

As part of the Academy’s mission, to bridge the gap between the business sector and voluntary organisations, we invited YMCA Malta to attend an Academy member’s meeting this month. Creating a space for voluntary organisations to share the work they’re doing, the challenges they face, the real situation in communities and how companies can do more to support them, allows for an open discussion, raising awareness and insight into situations we might not be aware of.

As companies and philanthropists, it is important that we understand if we’re giving well and how we can give better, could we be supporting differently, are we listening to the needs of those working on the ground and can we empower them to do more.

The YMCA in Malta forms part of an international movement which is present in 120 countries. The organisation is a NGO, non-profit, voluntary and ecumenical movement seeking to promote the vision to build a more just society. From shelters to youth programmes YMCA’s team are on the ground working with different communities to ensure people are supported. It was an eye opener to hear about the issue of homelessness in Malta and that numbers are increasing. From shelters being full, to more and more people needing support and help, there are concerns that 2023 will be a struggle for many, including the organisations that support them.


Nicola Falzon, Head of Prevention shared with the group how companies could support the organisation. Below is a list of ways you or your company can do more:

  • Transport assistance - they often have to turn down donations due to not having transport for collection. It would be of great help to have someone who can offer transport for a few hours per week or month. Does your company have vans or vehicles that can be loaned or used to support them? Are they used every day of the week? Could you offer one time support or create a relationship where you can have on-going support?
  • Refurbishment - support is needed for purchasing wardrobes or materials to make wardrobes for their residential facilities. Do you have a furniture company and can donate wardrobes?
  • Refurbishment – Their Family Centre which serves as a therapeutic facility needs fans/air conditioning and also finishings/decor. 
  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship - Support in entrepreneurship and making contacts with businesses or ways to network.
  • Handyman - we are looking for assistance in handyman work within their head office in Valletta for a few hours per week.
  • Food Stuff - donations of food are needed year-round to support their residents and community.
  • Sponsoring Families/Individuals - An entity or person can sponsor a family, child or adult with whatever they may need such as technological supplies, school supplies, furniture, or other.
  • Cookbook for World Hunger Day - assistance in publishing and printing and/or dissemination or this cookbook, which proceeds will go back to YMCA.
  • Endorsement - supporting their work by endorsing and sharing their events and initiatives.


Interested to support further? Contact Dorothy Scicluna, Head of Social Entrepreneurship who takes care of liaison with external entities for matters of support, funding, donations and otherwise. 

Contact can be made directly with her at or 27674278