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Jan 10, 2023
Academy of Givers

If you're looking for good social & environmental initiatives to support, the Academy website can help you identify these and the support needed!

Academy of Givers aims to bridge the gap between the business sector and NGO sector. One way of doing this is creating a space for Voluntary Organisations (VOs) (non-profit organisations) to share what they’re doing and the support they need.

The Academy supports its members on their giving journey, with one way being to help understand the social and environmental situation in Malta and who’s doing what.

With so many VOs and good causes around it is hard to understand who’s doing what in the sector and what support is needed. The Academy website can help you identify good causes and organisations and the support needed.

On our social initiatives page, you will find a list of VOs including a brief on who they are as well as the cause in which they focus on, such as animals, human rights and advocacy, social and community advancements, education, disability, environment, children, health, and also ones who focus on multiple causes. When clicking on an organisation, you will gain access to a description on the organisation explaining who they are, their contact details, as well as links to their social media pages and website and a list of the support they require.

We also have a support needed page listing the support needed by all the VOs in our system, including the type of support needed (whether financial, in-kind, capacity building, services, or volunteering), the deadline by which the support is needed, as well as the organisation asking for said support. When clicking on a specific support needed you will be re-directed to the social initiative’s page, also gaining access to a description explaining the support needed. Once you have chosen an initiative you wish to support, you can either contact them directly or if need be, contact us and we will put you in touch with them.

Apart from showcasing the social initiative itself and the support needed, we also showcase any upcoming events the organisations may have planned, with these being found on the events page.

If you need further support or advise on supporting Voluntary Organisations contact to find out more.


Are you a Voluntary Organisation?

The Academy receives entries relating to social initiatives, their support needed and events through its google forms, with organisations being able to submit entries more than once.

If you’re a Voluntary Organisation, complaint with the VO Commission and wish for us to share your details on our website, please visit or contact us on