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Mar 8, 2023
Academy of Givers

Find out more about the themed discussions happening at the For Impact Event and Fair 2023. Something for everyone, whether you're a company, individual, company or NGO join in on the discussions.

At the Academy we are aware that improving philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts cannot be possible without involving voluntary and non-profit organisations; which is why we always aim to include theses organisations in what we do.

As part of this years’ For Impact Event & Fair, voluntary and non-profit organisations will play a big part of the event as a whole; from partaking in panel discussions to exhibiting at the Impact Fair and leading a number of themed discussions on social and environmental issues. These themed discussions will be led by the NGOs and NGO platforms themselves and will focus on the situation in Malta around the topic at hand, who is doing what within the sector and map out the NGOs and other entities working in that area, as well as what more companies can do to support and improve the situation.

The following discussions will be held:

·        Environment - Safeguarding Malta’s Nature Footprint, to be led by Manya Russo, Birdlife

·        Youth, to be led by Kunsill Nazzjonali Taż-Żgħażagħ

·        Homelessness& Poverty, to be led by YMCA Malta & Anti-Poverty Forum

·        Understanding impact beyond our shores, to be led by William Grech, SKOP

·        Health, to be led by Gertrude Buttigieg, Malta Health Network

·        Culture, heritage and arts, to be led by Joanna Delia and a number of art NGOs

·        Animal Welfare


The themed discussions will cover pressing topics around these different themes, and will include information on the current situation shared by experts and leaders in the field. The discussions will allow you to engage in the topics that interest you, find out who’s who in the sector and see what more we can do to improve the situation.

Watch this space for an update on each session.

Join the full event and get your tickets from showshappening.

If you just wish to join the themed discussion register your place here.