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Jan 8, 2024
Academy Member

Eden Leisure Group is offering again a free advertising space to showcase VOs on big screen at Eden Cinema!

Eden Leisure Group is providing a free advertising space to showcase VOs on big screen at Eden Cinema! They are offering one month of free advertising in all nine cinemas, for all shows during intermission.  Space will be allocated to two VOs at any one time, on a first come, first serve basis, so long as they fit in with the eligibility criteria and subject to availability.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Registered and complaint Voluntary Organisation
  2. Focusing on social, humanitarian, animal rights/preservation, environmental causes
  3. Promotion / advert should be about the organisation, an initiative or an event you're organising
  4. Anything that doesn't promote community development or improvement of social and environmental issues will not be accepted.

Eden leisure group will take the final decision on who will be selected to have their organisation promoted through free advertising space at the cinema.

Requirements: Artwork is to be sent 1024 x 576 pixels in landscape format. Text is to be kept at a minimum, for maximum impact.

To submit your proposal, you can email