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Feb 17, 2023
Academy Member

Fundación MAPFRE have issued another opportunity for support and funding for projects around integration for persons with disabilities and migrants or refugees.

Fundación MAPFRE is opening a Social Action Call for projects focusing on integration in two areas:

1.   Projects focusing on social integration of people with disabilities

2.   Projects in the scope of immigrants or refugees’ integration in society

Fundación MAPFRE is looking for existing or new projects whose aim is to facilitate the social integration of people with disabilities; and existing or new projects in the scope of immigrants or refugees’integration in the Maltese society. MAPFRE Malta, an Academy Member is sharing this opportunity for Maltese Voluntary Organisations.

Please contact and/or should you wish to apply.

For more information on Fundación MAPFRE click here

Deadline is end of March 2023.