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Feb 28, 2023

Looking for young women to participate in a project that provides training sessions, offers a work placement in a company, and helps to develop a business plan at the end of the project.

Looking for YOUNG WOMEN to participate in a EURIBOR Project on : "Promoting Sustainable actions for the empowerment of vulnerable groups of young women"

The purpose of the project is to provide training sessions, offer a work placement in a company, and help to develop a business plan at the end of the project.

Who can participate?

* young women between the ages of 15-29 years old (including different nationalities);

* currently unemployed

* currently not in education or training

* women who are in a vulnerable position: low-skilled, with migrant or minority background, live in small or rural areas, mothers with family obligations, former juvenile offenders, Ukraine refugees

What we offer:

* Training on e-Commerce and Entrepreneurship (can be in person or online and can be adjusted to your schedule)

* Covered Travel allowance

* Paid internships for 3 months with local companies;

* The best 5 business plans will be selected and receive financial support to start their business at the end of the project.


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