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May 29, 2023

Join Refugee Week happening in Valletta between the 18th and the 25th of June!

Refugee Week Malta is back between Sunday 18th and Sunday 25th June 2023 where various artistic and community events will be happening during the week of celebrations.

Endorsed by Counterpoints UK, this is the local version of the international festival Refugee Week; happening in Australia, England, Greece, Hong Kong, Berlin, South Africa, Croatia and Slovenia. This is a growing global movement celebrating the creativity, contributions and resilience of refugees and people who seek safety.

Its mission is to amplify voices, celebrate the contributions and inspire a culture of care for people seeking sanctuary through artistic and community events.  

It includes a varied programme of artistic and community events happening across the island. It occurs through collaborations among various local organisations and is produced by Dance Beyond Borders. 

Dance Beyond Borders believes in the power of the arts for social change. As a Foundation, they connect people from various cultural backgrounds through dance, artistic and creative events to nurture a more united community.

This year's global theme is Compassion, and celebrating our ability to put compassion into action.  Through education, artistic and community events, Dance Beyond Borders are inviting people to create new encounters, to connect beyond labels and in new spaces, and to contribute towards inspiring a culture of care amongst all who live in Malta.

The festival represents the power in collaboration when striving towards one common vision. It would not be possible without the people who believe in this movement of welcome. Collaborations represent the Hope we have to live in a united community that celebrates diversity in Malta.

The main collaborators of this year’s edition are: artist Katel Delia, Spark15, Friends of the Earth, Geġwiġija and the Malta International Arts Festival. The festival has been endorsed by Counterpoints Arts, the coordinators of Refugee Week UK, and is generously supported by: Association for Justice, Equality and Peace, Medina Asset Management, RiskCap International Ltd, AQA Capital, Melita Foundation, APS Bank, MIB Insurance, P Cutajar, Migrant Commission, Flutter, Quicklets,Team Humanity Norway, Moviment Graffiti, the Veg Box,  Regjun Port and Valletta Local Council.

All the Events:

March for Peace

During Refugee Week, people are invited to take part in the March for Peace, happening Tuesday 20th June 2023 from 6pm to 7.30pm 

The “Peace Walk” will be starting from St George's Square in Valletta through Republic Street and up South Street and ending in front of Parliament. 

This will be a March to remind us how we can connect in our shared togetherness during these challenging times. 

Participants will hear from Leaders in our Communities about the importance of collective healing. 

Spark Fest

Happening on Sunday 18th June 2023 from 2pm until 11pm in Balzuneta, Floriana.  

The Spark Festival is an event to raise awareness and call to action around the situation of refugees in Malta and around the world. Celebrating World Refugee Day, communities in Malta will gather around music, speeches, food, and activities in a friendly atmosphere. 

The purpose of the Spark15 Festival, in a positive and intercultural approach, is to contribute to better living together and to the defence of human rights. It participates in the construction of economic, political, and social alternatives. 

The objective of the festival is to:

  1. Give greater visibility and raise awareness by transmitting positive messages and success stories from the refugee community. 
  2. Empower and inspire the participants to become more active and propose concrete actions. 
  3. Encourage and foster partnership between the Maltese national, Expats and Migrants communities. 

The format of the festival:

  • A stage that will host a schedule of Music (from local and from refugee community)  and speeches from different personalities and Spark15 representative 
  • Food station with tasting of local food from different communities 
  • Bar area with drinks 
  • Play areas and creative activities for children - juggling. 
  • Percussion workshop for all - improvisation playground.
  • Presence of NGOs that will interact with the public and refugees. 
  • Volunteers from Spark15 and Flutter Entertainment.

The Festival will be brought to you by:

  • Spark15 – NGO Organizer 
  • Dance Beyond borders – NGO partner 
  • For A Cause Event – Event coordination 
  • Flutter Entertainment - Sponsor 
  • St John rescue Corps - Health and safety