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Jun 3, 2024

Support Hospice Sunflower Campaign 2024!

Hospice Malta has launched its annual fundraising Sunflower Campaign for 2024. The charity drive is a call to action for the public to contribute to raising funds for the NGO to be able to continue providing free palliative care to all those in need.

Founded in 1989, Hospice offers tailor-made care plans designed around each patient’s needs and includes continuous medical, psychological, social, and spiritual support delivered through a multidisciplinary team of professionals. The provision of such services is provided completely free of charge by the NGO.

Donations will enable Hospice Malta to continue helping patients and their families by allowing them to provide their range of services including Home Care, Day Therapy, HydroTherapy, Bereavement Support, Care Assistant Services, Loan of Specialised Equipment, After Hours On-Call services and Patient Transport. The funds collected will also be utilised to finalise the NGO’s latest project – St Michael Hospice, which is expected to open its doors later on this year.

‘The opening of this new Palliative Care facility will allow Hospice to expand its palliative care services in the community as well as introduce new inpatient services to patients suffering from end of life conditions,’ said Mr. Kenneth Delia, Hospice Malta CEO, ‘ we are making a heartfelt appeal to the public and encourage everyone to help us raise funds to be able to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients and their families.’

Leaflets with information about the campaign, as well as details on how to donate, are being distributed to all households across Malta and Gozo. For more information on how one can assist and donate to Hospice Malta, one can call on (+356) 2144 0085 or donate here

Send a blank SMS to any of these numbers:

  • 5061 8100 €4.66
  • 5061 9234 €11.65
  • 7993 3894 BOV Mobile

Make a donation directly to Hospice Malta:

  • BOV IBAN No. MT30VALL22013000000010210645012
  • HSBC IBAN No. MT66MMEB44118000000011089901051
  • APS IBAN No. MT71APSB77057001198311198310019
  • LOM IBAN No. MT28LBMA05000000000001440104108
  • BNF IBAN No. MT49BNIF1450200000000003565181

Donate here.