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Jul 13, 2023

Support Dar Hosea and all the women they represent!

As an organisation, Dar Hosea aims to support women who are at risk of/ victimised by prostitution as their primary source of income. They strive to necessitate proper protection in order for these women to be able to start benefiting from their most basic and essential human rights. As the main and singular organisation seeking to work in assisting and meeting the needs of such individuals in Malta, Dar Hosea aspires to bring about awareness and consciousness with regards to the realities these individuals have to endure, to the general public.

With this in mind, Dar Hosea shall be organising a conference during the week between the 18th and 22nd September 2023. The aim of the conference emerges from the heart of the frontliners and academics working in the area of vulnerable women, as we shall be making the faint voices of these women heard. This unfortunately, tends to be a rare opportunity amidst the violence and distress they have to suffer on a daily basis.

With limited funds being a small organisation, Dar Hosea does not want to hold back in ensuring that the stories of these women are shared, and they would love to understand how your company can help to make this possible. International speakers and frontliners from overseas will be coming from abroad for the whole week and therefore expenses will run high.

Dar Hosea would be interested in discussing an array of possibilities to implement and effect different means of assistance, including the kind use of your expertise, resources or alternatively, any finances that you may wish to donate. Dar Hosea would be committed to include your company with the list of sponsors of the event and ensure that the company receives the appropriate recognition for your assistance throughout the event.

Be the voice of the women who Dar Hosea supports.

Feel free to contact them at or call on 99508954 or 79039019.