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May 17, 2023

Support MSPCA's projects and collaborate with them.

Unfortunately, this is usually the hardest time of year for MSPCA. As we approach the hot seasons, adoptions are becoming very slow and abandoned pets are somehow always on the rise.  

The circumstances call for a helpful hand, and – while animal food donations and vouchers at Borg Cardona are always great, because they can get refurbishments of food and medicines – MSPCA is looking for collaboration with other NGOs. The collaboration will be aimed at pushing forward their mission, focused on sustainable living, and to support the management of their charity shops, which are the main source of fundraising for the shelter.

MSPCA is currently carrying out a series of projects for which they need support.


This project is focusing on maximising MSPCA’s shelter space (150 sqm of unused space). They would like to convert the old part of the shelter into a space which can be used for agility, improving their rehabilitation service, and allowing quality time for potential adopters to connect with homeless dogs. The space could also be used for education workshops and onsite training. This would involve getting rid of the current Asbestos roofing which poses a health threat, rebuilding and landscaping the available space, reconstructing water and plumbing facilities and increasing the number of kennels.

The support needed for this project consists of:

  • Financial support.
  • Professional assistance related to construction.
  • Access to materials for the refurbishment.


This program offers elderly homes the chance for a qualified therapist to visit clients in care. MSPCA is currently reaching out to 4 elderly homes with Maggie May (a previous shelter resident) together with her guardian, Louiselle, a qualified therapist. This program promotes respect for the elderly, bridges the gap between two potentially isolated and forgotten groups in society, targeting issues of loneliness, anxiety and purpose from an existential and gestalt therapeutic approach.

The support needed for this project consists of:

  • Financial support to be able to maintain/ increase sessions and visits to other homes


This program is targeted towards youths in schools, and it is designed to follow on MSPCA’s previous shelter resident’s – Maggie May – booklet and series of lesson plans, which will be introduced into the PCSD lessons. The program will be compiled and executed by a qualified therapist and teacher, and the main aim is to build empathic skills amongst our youths, to cultivate the right mindset towards the importance of listening, understanding and acceptance of another living being.

The support needed for this project consists of:

  • Financial support to maintain the project.


This is MSPCA’s day-to-day operation, which focuses on removing dogs and cats from traumatic circumstances and getting them to a safe environment. It involves medical care, vet visits, clinical procedures, day-to-day follow up care, training, getting them into a routine and building on their trust for them to find good, committed homes. The rehoming process is a thorough one, which involves applications, interviews, and home visits to give each animal the best chance possible. Rehoming with a purpose also means we do a substantial amount of lobbying and creating awareness about our animal’s welfare and stressing the importance of our animals as valuable parts of Society. Besides giving Animals a safe space to rehabilitate, this operation also promotes the importance of volunteering by creating a community of volunteers who have the chance to contribute towards positive change and, in turn, foster a ripple effect.

The support needed for this project consists of:

  • Financial support to maintain the project.
  • Donations: Vouchers for food and medical supplies, cleaning supplies, clinic costs.

To know more about the support they need, click here

Reach out to MSPCA directly by emailing Mary Cassar Torregiani at