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Jun 28, 2024

The project "It Just Takes Patience" stands as a joint venture providing a sequence of ten workshops combining artistic movement and mental wellness, for the beneficiaries of Kopin.

Local dance artist Patsy Chetcuti is collaborating with Kopin, Moveo Dance Company, and psychotherapist/mindfulness specialist Danjela Falzon on a novel project that combines artistic movement and mental wellness. The main focus is on stress and anxiety, which is in line with the conclusions of 'A Mental Health Strategy for Malta 2020-2030,' which shows that over 38% of the population is affected by mental health problems, which are on the rise throughout Europe.

The Times of Malta reported on the recorded rise in mental health issues among migrants, which served as inspiration for the project. Hospitalisations for disorders including acute stress and anxiety are common among migrants and asylum seekers because they face particular pressures such as losing one's nation, being separated from family, experiencing traumatic experiences, and experiencing identity instability. The team hopes to provide the advantages of mindfulness and somatic movement sessions for groups dealing with stress and anxiety, building on the success of a prior project funded by the Creative Communities fund in 2021. The project involved Patsy Chetcuti, Danjela, and Moveo Dance Company.

This suggested project consists of thirteen sessions that will culminate in a stress and anxiety-themed event/performance. Workshops will include somatic movement workshops taught by dance artist Patsy Chetcuti and mindfulness sessions conducted by the psychotherapist. Moveo Dance Company dancers will be incorporated into the final, prolonged session, which will encourage discussions on participants' experiences with stress and anxiety. The purpose of this session is to use the knowledge gathered to create a realistic choreographic storyboard that delicately depicts the circumstances faced by migrants. The resulting dance, which promotes empathy and awareness, will be on display at the benefit.

The project highlights the wider potential of the arts in enhancing mental health beyond its stated objectives. Participant self-discovery, emotional release, and social interaction are all made possible by artistic manifestations like dance and performance. In keeping with therapeutic methods emphasised in the body of literature, the integration of creative movement and mindfulness practices not only cultivates self-awareness and emotional flexibility but also tackles acute stressors. Through the use of the arts, this initiative seeks to use the transformational and healing power of artistic expression to actively contribute to participants' well-being in addition to increasing awareness of mental health issues.

If you're interested in supporting this project, please contact Mrs Chetcuti at