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Jul 19, 2023
Academy of Givers

The Academy of Givers is working towards bridging the gap between the corporate and social sectors.

Over the past few months, the Academy of Givers has enhanced its efforts to connect companies and voluntary and non-profit organisations together in order to continue working towards bridging the gap between the two sectors.

The Academy believes that its mission is to improve philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts in Malta. This is to be done by providing a platform for individuals and companies to come together, learn, share, be recognised and inspired, and cannot be achieved without the involvement of voluntary and non-profit organisations. Thus, a match-making process is one way in which the Academy aims to do so.

The Academy has managed to connect a number of its members with various social and environmental initiatives, with this hitting two birds with one stone: firstly, by aiding Academy members on their giving journey, allowing them and their staff to give back to society and engage in Corporate Social Responsibility; and secondly, by providing support to voluntary and non-profit organisations, be it financial, in-kind, services, volunteering or other.

Here are the connections the Academy has made so far between corporates and social and environmental initiatives:

  • Free advertising space for voluntary organisations on big screen at Eden Cinema as well as on television screens found within APS Bank branches around the islands, with a number of organisations making use of these opportunities such as MOAS, Nature Trust, CSR Malta and others.
  • Eden Leisure Group employees volunteered their time to aid TDM 2000 Malta and RMJ’s Horse Rescue during their Open Day at RMJ, where all proceeds collected amounting close to €3,000 were donated to RMJ, this helping with the rehoming of nine horses.
  • Vistage Malta providing mentorship on public speaking to MSPCA, this aiding them with regard to pushing their message further.
  • Eden Leisure Group donated agolf cart to Zibel. Originally used to transport hotel guests, this golf cart will now be used to help Zibel in the great work that they do!
  • Growth Gurus is in the process of aiding 52 NGOs over the next few months. They will be offering social media reviews to 52 NGOs (one NGO per week for a full year), ensuring they receive professional guidance to steer their marketing strategies in the right direction.
  • Connected Smiling with Jerome with Eden Group and allowed three families of children with disabilities to attend a free screening of the movie “Oklahoma” on Sunday 16th ofJuly.

The Academy is all about changing the way businesses and individuals think about and do good, creating a community for businesses and philanthropists to maximise their impact.

If you’re interested in joining the Academy and our community of Givers, contact us on or sign up here and we’ll be in touch.

If you’re a voluntary organisation and wis hto find out more about how the Academy can support you, click here.