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Jan 4, 2024
Academy of Givers

Academy of Givers launches first-of-its-kind Giving Report in Malta, unveiling insights into business-NGO partnerships.

The Academy of Givers proudly announced the launch of the Giving Report, a pioneering initiative aimed at shedding light on the dynamics of support between businesses and voluntary organisations in Malta.

As part of this groundbreaking effort, the Academy of Givers embarked on an exercise that is currently underway to gather comprehensive data from businesses and voluntary organisations across Malta, which would then be analysed and compiled into Malta’s first Giving Report. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to unveil crucial insights into how businesses extend their support to NGOs and the underlying motivations behind these philanthropic endeavours. The report will also identify opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit.

Louisa Attard, CEO of the Academy of Givers, commented:

"Embarking on this groundbreaking study is a vital step forward for Malta. Without concrete data, we navigate blind spots. This study empowers businesses and voluntary organisations to shed light on not just the mechanics of support, but also on the underlying motivations. It's a collaborative effort to unravel effective strategies, pinpoint challenges, and bridge the gap between businesses' generosity and the specific needs of our dynamic voluntary organisations. Together, we pave the way for more informed partnerships and a stronger community."


This initiative is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants Active Citizens Fund. The initiative is implemented by Academy of Givers.

The Academy of Givers is also availing itself of the collaboration and expertise of Frivillighet Norge, the Association of NGOs in Norway.

Businesses and voluntary organisations are invited to actively participate in this initiative by filling out the survey, providing valuable data that will contribute to a better understanding of the giving landscape in Malta. Additionally, they are also being invited to join the focus groups that have been set up, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive representation of perspectives.

Businesses and NGOs may access the survey on the Academy of Givers website through this link.

About the Academy of Givers: The Academy of Givers is a members-based association with a MISSION to create a community of givers to improve philanthropic and corporate responsibility efforts, by providing a platform for individuals and companies to come together, LEARN,SHARE, RECOGNISE and BE INSPIRED.

Contact: For more information about the Academy of Givers and the Giving Report, please visit or contact us at