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Sep 25, 2023
Academy of Givers

The Hudson Foundation continues to make a positive impact in 2023!

The Hudson Foundation was established with the noble goal of giving back to society and advocating for the voiceless. While it is impossible to help everyone in need, the Foundation has focused its efforts on areas that are close to its heart: children, dogs, and the environment. They prefer taking a targeted approach and focus only on these three different areas, knowing that their efforts will make a difference. They also believe in donating directly to the source of need to make sure that the funds go entirely to the kids, animals and environment.

Supporting Ukrainian Children refugees

Considering the ongoing war in Ukraine, many families have been forced to flee their homes. The Hudson Foundation offers support to Ukrainian families residing in Malta by providing nappies, baby milk and monthly food donations, while also making Christmas more enjoyable for the kids by donating gifts during this special season. These contributions aim to alleviate the hardships faced by these families during such challenging times.

Protecting Animals and the Environment

The Hudson Foundation is committed to making a meaningful impact in safeguarding and protecting animals and the environment. One of its main efforts is supporting animal welfare. The foundation has partnered with The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) in Malta, covering veterinary and medicinal expenses for the organization. AAA faces significant challenges in animal welfare, dealing with cases of animal cruelty and rescuing abused dogs. The Foundation has sponsored months of neutering costs, medicines, provided detergents for special cleanings of dog environments, and organized fundraising events, such as beach workouts and a dogathlon walk, to support abandoned animals. They have also placed collection boxes (specifically shaped as a dog) in all their stores in aid of the AAA.

Fundraising through Art

The Foundation organized a solo exhibition called "Legends" by its Founder and Chairman, Alfie Borg. The exhibition featured mixed media pieces on wood, depicting legends from various fields. Around 90% of the artworks were sold,with all proceeds going towards initiatives carried out by the Hudson Foundation. The success of this exhibition has paved the way for future events in November 2023.


Environmental initiatives

Hudson's commitment to the environment led to a partnership with Park Tal-Majjistral to plant 1000 trees in a barren area of the park. The Foundation not only funds the tree planting but also covers the cost of laying irrigation pipes to ensurethe trees’ survival during dry summer months. Additionally, Hudson sponsors the Park Rangers with Timberland uniforms and shoes, further supporting the preservation of the park.

Assistance in times of crisis

Hudson operates its own retail in six countries. One of its biggest investments is in Morocco, where Hudson operates 30 own retail stores of leading brands like Nike, Tommy, CK, Mango, Urban Jungle, Converse, Vans. When an earthquake struck Marrakech, one of Hudson's directors went on site, assessed the situation and devised a plan to help. The Foundation took act and donated clothing to those who lost everything, assisted in finding and paying for accommodation for a few displaced individuals until their house is fit to live in again, and collaborated with some of leading brands Hudson represents to channel funds and goods for rebuilding lives.

Employee Engagement

Hudson encourages its employees to dedicate a maximum of one day every six months to volunteering activities with the charities supported by the Foundation. This includes animal shelters, organizations aiding impoverished children, and environmental initiatives. Furthermore, the Euro for Euro Initiative matches employee-raised funds or donations up to €250 per activity, supporting charities aligned with the Foundation's mission.

The Hudson Foundation's commitment to giving back to society is evident through its various initiatives. By focusing on children, dogs, and the environment, the Foundation has made a significant impact in safeguarding animals, supporting vulnerable communities, and preserving Nature. Through partnerships, fundraising events, and employee engagement, the Foundation continues to make a positive difference in the world.