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72B, Triq Villambrosa Hamrun
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Voluntary Organisation

Financial support, Fundraising and Volunteering

We are embarking on various projects to improve the lives of the residents and communities we work with. Most of these projects are structural and require a lot of funding which we can only get through funding opportunities and fundraising. Unfortunately though a lot of funding opportunities exist, most of our projects do not fall under the criteria thus cutting us off from such opportunities. This means that the only option left is through Fundraising.

Contact person
Elmer Stanmore

In kind support for Fondazzjoni Sebh!

Christmas is coming and the children and women residing at Fondazzjoni Sebh deserve to celebrate their Christmas in the same way that everyone does.  Fondazzjoni Sebh collects wish lists whereby the children and the women they care would have passed on to them. These would be gifts they wish to receive for Christmas. The reason is so that they receive items that they need or wish rather than items which may not be suitable for them.  

Fondazzjoni Sebh have the wish lists available however they need sponsors. One can decide to sponsor one home only, whilst another company may decide to sponsor all gifts.  

Interested companies can show their interest by sending an email on

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Lifter service needed for Fondazzjoni Sebh

Fondazzjoni Sebh is looking for lifter services to help them picking up a donation they received from benefactors.

If you have the means to help them, contact Leanne!

Contact person
Leanne Magro