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Karl Vella Foundation. The President’s Kitchen Garden, St Anthony Street, Attard, ATD 1282
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Voluntary Organisation

Looking for support for the "because you matter, because we care" service

Karl Vella Foundation offers 2 main services:

  1. ‘The Wellness Pod’ which consists of a diverse range of therapeutic programmes facilitated by mental health professionals for children aged between 5 and 17, disrupted by loss or illness in the family; and
  2. The newly launched service ‘Because You Matter, Because We Care’. This service offers emotional and psychological support, as well as crisis intervention, to Maltese patients, and their carers, receiving treatment abroad.


Sponsor a child with karl vella foundation

A child may choose to attend physically at the KVF Centre and/or take part in online sessions. Those children attending physically are also offered free transport to and from the Centre. Upon case review, some children may require one-to-one therapy.

An afternoon at KVF costs €25 per child whilst an online session costs €10. A one-to-one therapy session costs €40.

Sponsor a child here.


Sponsor a programme at the karl vella foundation

A programme consists of 13 weekly sessions, and hosts a maximum of 10 children per session. Those held at KVF Centre cost €2,500 whilst those held online cost €1,000.

Sponsor a programme here.


Organise a fundraising event in aid of karl vella foundation

Interested in organising a fundraising event in aid of The Karl Vella Foundation?

Contact them for more information!


+356 2123 7928