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University House, KSU Office Student’s House, University of Malta, Msida, MSD 2080
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Voluntary Organisation

KSU is looking for equipment!

KSU are currently in the early stages of expanding its Equipment Rental Inventory available to both students and student organisations within the University of Malta. Currently, inventory comprises of:

1 Projector
1 Wired Microphone
1 Mixer
3 Large Speakers
3 Medium Speakers
1 Microphone Stand
1 Speaker Stand
1 Flood Lights

They wish to expand this inventory and include items such as Laptops, Graphing Calculators, Lab Coats, Photography Cameras, Musical Equipment, etc. With this in mind, KSU is constantly speaking with Student Representatives and Members of Student Organisations to see what equipment they need. They will then draft a priority list of equipment and try and source it with at the lowest cost possible – given that they rent this equipment free to students.

KSU would appreciate your support in sourcing these items as budget is quite limited and any help would be appreciated.

Contact person
Kylie Decelis