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29 Triq Anglu Gatt, Mosta, Malta
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Voluntary Organisation

Supplies needed at Learning 360

Learning 360 Foundation require support in financing office supplies, stationary, office furniture and resources such as books, flashcards, games and puzzles to support learning.

If you are able to donate one or more of these items, please contact Fran Diacono directly.

Contact person
Fran Diacono

Venue needed!

Learning 360 is looking for a sponsored venue hall for approx 40/50 people for two evening in September 2024, when they will organise a seminar in collaboration with parents of learners with dyslexia.

If you have a venue available for them, please contact Francesca.


Provide a space for Learning 360's operations!

L360 is growing (fast) - which is great!

However, they have outgrown their current premises in Mosta (which they rent and pay for) and this is limiting the number of individuals they are able to support.

Given rent prices, currently, the Foundation cannot afford a second or larger space.

It would be greatly appreciated if an individual/company has an appropriate space they can use, or is willing to sponsor a rental contract.

Moreover, Learning 360 is looking for individuals/companies who are willing to sponsor the individualised programme of clients whose families are struggling to cope financially.

If you have the financial capacity necessary to support Learning 360 in its mission, contact Francesca Diacono directly!

Contact person
Francesca Diacono