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Rhea Bldg', 1 ,Triq is-Santissima Trinitá,Hamrun, Malta. MRS2280
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Voluntary Organisation

Financial support needed to empower asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant women

Due to  the pandemic, MWAM, like many other organizations, has been negatively impacted financially. Despite the aforementioned challenges mentioned, Migrant Women Association Malta has worked tirelessly to continue promoting social and communal advancement for migrant women in vulnerable positions by providing the following services:

  1. Immediate basic needs for women and families that are at risk of  homeless due to losing a job or having a low income.    
  2. Legal, Physiological and emotional support.    
  3. Raise awareness on the prevention of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.      
  4. Raise awareness of the importance of mental health and self-care.    
  5. Refer to the governmental, non-governmental, and international entities  appropriate according to the client's needs.    
  6. Reopening The SAHHA! is a project that was mainly established to find  consistent solutions and create opportunities for female asylum seekers,  refugees, and migrants who are jobless for different reasons, including the  multiple issues they face related to lack of inclusion and gender equality.      

They are kindly requesting financial support to cover the cost needed to sustain their work, to enable them to focus more on expanding and improving their services and projects effectively.

Contact person
Umayma Elamin / Amer Elamin

Sponsor MWAM's Pop Up Event!

The Pop Up Event initiative aims to practice sustainability by mending and upcycling donated clothing items.

MWAM receives many clothing donations distributed to female asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant women and their families who need them. After distribution, there are often clothes that are damaged or leftover. By partnering with Miss Sarah Portelli, a Maltese woman who works in the fashion industry, MWAM  restored damaged pieces of clothing and upcycled the remaining materials to be repurposed and sold for fundraising purposes. MWA's first pop events were led by Sarah with her seamstress skills, with the assistance of one migrant woman interested in participating in the project event.

By using our office space to host the Pop-up Event last July, MWAM achieved the following objectives:

  1. Raise awareness about Refugee Week’s 2023 theme: 'Finding Freedom.'
  2. Raise awareness about MWAM’s work and services
  3. Raise funds to sustain the provision of MWAM’s services to our beneficiaries affected by sexual and gender-based violence and poverty.
  4. Offered an opportunity for migrant women to work closely with Maltese citizens in all steps related to the event.
  5. Network and build relationships with new supporters from the host community.

Allow MWAM to take practical action in environmental protection in Malta by turning part of their office into a workshop to teach migrant and Maltese women about mending and upcycling clothing in the future!

For more information on how you can help, please contact


Volunteers needed at Migrant Women Association!

MWAM organization seeks a dedicated volunteer to join our esteemed team as a Volunteer Program Coordinator.

The Volunteer Program Coordinator will be responsible for interviewing, hiring, and placing volunteers in various roles based on their qualifications, skills and interests.

Additionally, the Coordinator will maintain accurate volunteer records.

This role requires a weekly commitment of six hours and is open to all interested individuals.

If you are interested in this role, please submit your up-to-date curriculum vitae to