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Opening Doors Association, c/o Volunteer Centre, 181, Melita Str. Valletta.
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Voluntary Organisation

Support the running of opening doors association

Opening Doors invites donations towards its general operating  expenses, in particular towards its administrator’s annual salary cost. This  salary was previously covered by public funding, however this was for a  definite period with no possibility of renewal for 2023.

The work of the  administrator ensures that the programmes (music, theatre, dance, ballet and  all outreach programmes) are efficiently run and that resources are used for  the full benefit of our members. The scope of the organisation’s services has  grown so much in recent years, making the need for a full-time administrator  essential to the organisation. In line with its inclusive mission, Opening  Doors Association’s current administrator is a person with disability.    Companies giving donations to Opening Doors Association may claim a 150%  tax deduction on the amount donated.

More information on the measure can be  found here.


Opening Doors is looking for Volunteers!

Opening Doors is looking for volunteers to join their dance, theatre and music groups!

Volunteers need to be 16+, enthusiastic and ideally able to commit to at least a few months of weekly sessions (their full season runs from October 2023 until June 2024). Experience in the performing arts or with working with persons with disabilities is useful but a positive attitude is the most important factor!

Should you be interested in volunteering with Opening Doors' performing arts groups, you can email for more information.

Contact person
Denise Vella