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43 Kyrios Triq ir-rand Attard
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Voluntary Organisation

Financial support and support in relation to transport

Smiling with Jerome aims to to provide support, assistance and compassion to families diagnosed with serious illness including cancer and families whose kids have severe disabilities / special needs or conditions.

Smiling with Jerome is looking for 2 types of support:

  1. Financial Support - this can help them to continue carrying out their two main initiatives, these being The Chemo Bags of Hope and the 'Jien Kapaci Wkoll' initiatives, as well as helping them help families with kids with disabilities when it comes to purchasing specialised wheelchairs.
  2. A van to transport heavy objects every now and then

Contact person
Josette Frendo

Van and volunteers to transfer items needed

The Smiling with Jerome Foundation need help transferring items from one garage to another in the locality of Attard.

They are in need of a van and driver as well as some volunteers to help move these items, these mainly being boxes and loose items. This will be a one-off support needed.

No particular day for this support is suggested. Preferred day is a Saturday.

Contact Josette for more information.