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60, Triq tal Grazzja, Haz Zebbug, ZBG1058, Malta
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Voluntary Organisation
VO 2073

Support Victory Kitchen's operations.

Monetary support in the form of donations and corporate sponsors is crucial to help fund the production of meals and their delivery directly to families in need
Victory Kitchen covers all costs from preparation of food to the delivery via its own Food Delivery Van.
By optimising our recipes and production, we manage to keep costs low to able to cater for more volume of meals produced.
The foods cost of a meal is between €2 to €3 to which then one had to add the operational costs of staff, logistics, packaging etc.
Depending on the number of meals, monthly costs of the Foundation range from €15,000 to €20,000.

Currently weekly meals are capped at 1,700 meals per week due to limitations of funding and set up. Approximately 1,350 meals per week are directly delivered to families by Victory Kitchen with the rest of the meals provided to NGOs.
Goal is to aim to provide at least 2,300 meals per week which would come to 120,000 per year between direct deliveries to families as well as increasing support to NGOs whereby Victory Kitchen will supply meals as required to remove the burden of meal costs on NGOs. NGOs can then use their funds to address their direct purpose of helping those in need in their respective fields.

Contact person
Andrew Arrigo