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YMCA Malta, 178, Merchants Street, Valletta
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Voluntary Organisation

Volunteer with ymca

Help YMCA and volunteer to help them in the incredible work they do with youths and people experiencing homelessness in Malta.

As a nonprofit and voluntary organisation, YMCA Malta keeps striving to promote a vision of a more just society while supporting the positive development of youths as preventive measures and offering a spectrum of social work services to individuals who are underprivileged or socially disadvantaged. Nevertheless, the support, assistance, and reintegration of those experiencing homelessness in Malta is the main concern of the NGO.

YMCA is made up of 8 departments;

  1. Prevention,
  2. Outreach,
  3. Residential,
  4. Community and Aftercare,
  5. Administration,
  6. Creativity,
  7. Research, and
  8. Social Entrepreneurship.

Their NGO is growing and they need your support!

Register and show your support here!

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Support dar simon soler

How can you be part of YMCA Malta's success and support Dar Simon Soler?
  • Start donating now: their telephone lines are open, and you can donate by calling on 51702068 (€15), 51802007 (€25), and on 51902073 (€50)
  • Donate during their fundraising marathon: this will be aired live on TVM and other channels on Sunday 30th July 2023 from 11am to 11pm. Any contributions made to YMCA Malta will be publicly announced during the marathon. Business/organisation logos will be displayed during the live broadcast, and the presenter will announce the sum. YMCA Malta also encourages all who donate to attend and present their donation love on air on the day
  • Sponsor a room: A bedroom (€4,000), a bathroom (€2,000), or a kitchen (€9,000). For every room sponsorship, a plaque with your name/company's/organisation's name will be placed in the room
  • Share this information: with your family, colleagues, friends, or other contacts who can positively impact YMCA Malta's service users' lives.

You can also donate throu BOV Mobile Pay by donating to 79550065. No matter how big or small you donation is, it will make an impact.

Capacity building

Team Building for YMCA Residential Department

YMCA Malta are looking to support their dedicated residential staff - which is a team of 12-15 people - with a fun team building activity, helping them to spend time together outside the work setting.

The residential team oversees over 50 residents in three residential facilities at any given time. Due to having interns and different staff on different shifts, it is very rare to have the whole team together, which is why YMCA are seeking such an activity.

They are open to an activity of any duration, preferably in September or October.

Please contact Nicola Falzon directly.

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Nicola Falzon