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Jesmond Saliba

Jesmond Saliba

Jesmond Saliba is the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations, after gaining unanimous backing in Parliament’s Public Appointments Committee in August 2021.

Over the past thirty years through his profession and interests developed a committed passion to social justice and a high level of understanding of the various elements composing Malta’s society. He has been involved in different areas within the voluntary sector for many years.

Apart from the regulatory role, Saliba was also delegated by the government to spearhead a reform of the sector on different levels which now reached the Public Consultation stage.

He has a keen interest in communications, international relations, diplomacy, and foreign affairs, with particular focus on Europe and European Affairs.

Jesmond has a BA in Communications and International Relations from the Univeristy of Malta and M. Sc. In Corporate Communications and Public Affairs from the RGU University in Aberdeen.

Jesmond is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the UK Insistute of Leadership and Management.