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March 28, 2023
March 4, 2023

How can we safeguard Malta's nature footprint?

Unfortunately, the natural footprint is decreasing, how do we see nature and its value? Sustainability cant only be considered as resource use, but rather as a holistic approach to safeguarding nature. This may mean moving away from ‘business as usual’. Corporates have a responsibility to consider natural footprint in their decision making, financial support and also as a supporting lobby for the more vociferous Environmental NGOs.

Moderator: Manya Russo – Birdlife Malta


Mr. Mark Sultana - Birdlife Malta

Prof. Alex Torpiano - UoM Lecturer and Architect

Mr. Glenn Bugeja – HSBC Bank

Ms. Rachel Xuereb – Adi Associates

Join this discussion to learn more about the situation and what more we can do.