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May 15, 2023

The Green Fingers Club is offering beautiful experiences for Team Building Activities in one of the most breath-taking landscapes in Malta.

The social enterprise, Green Fingers Club, is an educational demonstration site where the most depleted land is being regenerated into a forest. The Mission they chose is to educate, to empower and to inspire everyone to take action, so that “Together We Can Make Malta Green Again”. 

They are proud of their achievements: in three years, they have turned white dust into soil, started an organic vegetable garden, and planted hundreds of young trees, while teaching and inspiring thousands to start their own regenerative journey towards a healthier, greener Malta. 

To achieve their goals, they raise funds through CSR Team Building Activities, Educational Workshops, Tree Adoptions and other sustainable methods, to continue planting more trees each year and into exciting regenerative projects.  

In return for the support received through funds, they wish to offer beautiful experiences for Team Building Activities in one of the most breath-taking landscapes in Malta, and they can tailor the duration, pricing and activity according to one's budget, skillset and interests. 

Usually, their guests will enjoy a  2-to-3-hour workshop and the price will vary according to the number of people attending:

  • 20 euros per person for groups with over 11 attendees
  • 25 euros per person for groups of 7 to 10 people
  • 150 euros for 1 person or a group up to 6 people

As an optional addition, Green Fingers Club can prepare an extremely delicious lunch at an additional 10 euros per person, consisting of a gluten-free, vegan salad, or a ftira from an ancient bakery, with pesticide-free vegetables and herbs, freshly harvested from the farm, together with high quality spring water and fresh local fruits. The lunch can be enjoyed in the farm's seating chill-out area under the trees where one can also enjoy sunset and network with other participants.

There are quite a few Team Building Activities among which to choose:

  • Farm Tour – a tour of the different ecological designs on the land, including trees & vegetables, wild plants, healing herbs, composting, Green Fingers Club’s very own water harvesting system, and a veggie harvesting demonstration.
  • How to Grow Food at Home - to start growing food from free materials, whether in a yard, rooftop, window or a balcony.  
  • Ancient Plant Wisdom - a tour of wild plants and trees growing on the land, to learn how they were used in the past and how they can be used today.
  • Learning about Trees – to familiarise with the indigenous trees growing at Green Fingers Club, and learn how easy it is to start growing trees at home.
  • How to Live Happier and Healthier - how to detoxify your body and surroundings, eating the right foods, minimalism, making your own toothpaste and deodorant.
  • How to Find Your Life Purpose - how to be of service to humanity and to our beloved planet, to find our true calling, leaving a better world for future generations.
  • Permaculture for Dry Lands - several methods to capture rainwater, become holistic humans while healing our World, our body and those around us.
  • How to Restore Abandoned Land - how to find abandoned land and transform it into an organic food garden. How to get land, how to do it, step by step.
  • Volunteering Day - split into groups, participants will learn through practice! 
  • Tree Adoption Day - After a farm tour, participants can adopt Trees, name their Tree, and get group photos and Tree Adoption Certificates to take home.
  • Vertical Gardens Workshop - With over 3 years professional experience in vertical growing, founder of Green Fingers Club Nadia Cassar will teach how easy it is to build your own indoor or outdoor vertical garden with a two-digit budget.
  • Survival Skills 101: Learn about off-grid living, heating water for free, finding water, fire skills, seed saving, first aid, circular economy and anything else in between!

To know more about Green Fingers Club’s very own events, follow them on Facebook or contact Nadia on