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May 26, 2023

Support Step up For Parkinson's upcoming telethon on June 7th!

Step Up for Parkinson's has been providing free specialized movement classes since 2016, but they are now taking their mission a step further.

They are setting up a Parkinson's Center which will be a place that provides specialized care for people with Parkinson's all in one place at a subsidized rate.

People will have access to specialized nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists.

Step Up for Parkinson's team of specialists will be trained by Parkinson's Net in Holland in October, 2023, with the aim to open the center officially shortly after.

In aid of this project, they are organising a telethon, coming up on June 7th from 11am until 11pm. It will be shown on F Living, One TV, and Net TV!

This is all in aid of the Parkinson's Center, in order to help people with Parkinson's access the specialized care they deeply need.

The donation numbers are as follows:

  • €10 – 51602033
  • €25 - 51802038
  • €50 - 51902032
  • BOV APP 99200822

Learn more about how Step Up for Parkinson's operate here